August 2019

A series of 50 palmtree paintings of 23x20 cm in oil paint.

The picture, based on a palmtree as it appears in the videogame Mario Kart 64 on the course Jungle Parkway (the home of Mario's original arch nemesis Donkey Kong) is painted in such a way that it could easily be misinterpreted as an inkjet reproduction. The white edge adds to the suggestion as most home-printers at default settings do not print to the very edge of the page. The rather everyday image would appear to be based on a photograph. Only a stupid man would paint the same image for 50 times without making really clear that each one is painted by hand. 'All brushstrokes have been erased!' said the madman. Out of a box an image appears of the same picture in color, he says it's the videogame, still running, you can hear karts passing by.